The Metalnox and the stylist Ronaldo Fraga form a great partnership that promises to innovate the fashion market . The designer will develop their collections using the digital printing process , which will have equipment available for sublimation and direct printing on fabric.

In the latest edition of Sao Paulo Fashion Week , Ronaldo Fraga surprised again . His collection " and speaking of love " brought to the public with a lot of romanticism , the various possible forms of love in a unique and poetic way . Ronaldo brought unisex pieces that can be used by both men and women , such as sweaters , skirts, overalls and coats. All created using natural fabrics like cotton and silk as well as synthetic polyester.

Ronaldo 's prints were also an innovation in the fashion world . Your entire collection was developed using digital printing technology. Natural make parts such as cotton were stamped with the direct printing machine fabric , Evox MTX 8 Digital Metalnox . The equipment allows stamping fabrics with a minimum of 50% cotton composition , and allows punching in pockets , seams and other uneven surfaces of the parts. This allows greater possibility to create collections, making them even more exclusive.

Another process used by Ronaldo is sublimation . Ronaldo had the Digital Printer for Sublimation ePrint MTX Strong, one printer that can produce up to 150m2 / h. With it you can stamp synthetic fabrics , with great lightness , soft touch and high quality color and effects.

The partnership that has the technology of Digital Metalnox and with all Ronaldo Fraga experience , aims to integrate the businesses of productive fashion chain further promoting the link between the designer and the technical team , seeking in the process to improve the techniques and means of production. Proof of this is the fact that direct printing technology in tissue, allowing greater freedom of creation and production allowing stylists and designers are able to transmit to the parts their ideas directly from the computer screen, high-definition image and the widest range of colors and effects. Another relevant factor , equipment EVOX Mtx 8 used by stylist Ronaldo Fraga to run this next collection is the ability to customize parts at low cost strengthening brand identity and increased the value of the product