ePRINT Super STRONG Digital Printer

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    New ePRINT - Now Super Strong.

    The ePRINT Super STRONG is an industrial printer for sublimation; equipped with a strong structure, prepared for operating at high production rates with the lower operational cost and the best printing stability.

    We are always offering creative and innovative solutions to the market, thus Metalnox introduces the evolutionary ePRINT printer. It is more robust and with differential as it was created to supply the demands of the textile industry, we have considered every detail. It features fast Set Up procedure and advanced technology, the printer provides on-line interface communication with its operator as well as being equipped with sensors responsible for maintaining operating safety, by identifying such aspects as ink level and rippling of the textile media.

    It is manufactured 100% domestically, designed, and developed with state-of- the-art technology, running embedded RIP software and industrial SEIKO printing heads, plus variable ink drop sizes. Its useful operational printing width is 1.85m and it achieves resolutions up to 1440 dpi, this printer is ideal for those who seek high definition images, color fidelity, high yield and speed, as its productivity is up to 150m²/h.

    Benefits assure increased useful lifetime and productivity

    • News Brief: Advanced on-line interface communication system, whereas the operator receives notifications on stoppages and necessary equipment maintenance procedures.
    • Eam system: Assures greater printing stability and quality for continual production. *Metalnox advanced stability system.
    • Double filtering: Guarantees the printing head remains free from any impurities.
    • Fast set up procedure: The rewinding and unwinding system is designed to facilitate handling and cut down on fabric media changing time. Its reinforced spindles and exclusive servo motor guarantee greater torque strength and utilization of 1.85 m wide fabric media and lengths up to 500 meters.
    • Mam system: It guarantees precision doing away with printing vibration and noise. *The Metalnox advanced mechanical stability system.
    • Electric fabric media adjustment system: Electric alignment of the fabric media guarantees faultless printing work.
    • Rippling detection sensor: This sensor avoids collision of the fabric media with the printing head.
    • Automatic nozzle recovery activation system: Whenever there is stoppage in the equipment, it automatically reactivates the nozzles, thereby decreases the cleaning cycles.
    • New printing head sealing system: The system automatically seals the printing heads, thereby avoiding clogging heads in long stoppages, guaranteeing continued meniscus and perfect operation of nozzles.
    • Larger ink capacity in storage tanks: 2-liter capacity, strategically positioned on the machine to facilitate ink filling providing maximum commodity, offering greater safety, and reduced production costs.
    • Ink gauge sensor: This safety system avoids printer stoppage due to depleted ink supply. The luminous signal positioned in a strategic location, informs the operator which color ink is depleted to avoid printer stoppage.
    • Storage tank disposal: Ink storage tank equipped with level alarm and sensor.
    • Optical media reader: This automatically locates the printing on the media.
    • Safety sensor: Front and rear ports are equipped with safety sensor, assuring the operating stoppage of the machine. The printing area is shielded, providing increased operator safety.
    • Automatic definition system: The variable drop size system provides increased printing quality.
    • Degasser: Removes oxygen particles from the ink and thereby avoids faulty printing.
    • Maintains uniform temperature: Guarantees the temperature homogeneity inside and outside of the machine.
    • Warranty: 01 year warranty coverage.
    • Peak suppressor: Avoids electricity peak discharges which can burn printer heads and components.
    • Number of colors: 4 colors - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK);
    • Useful printing width: 1850mm;
    • Media supply input: Roll to roll up to 40Kg;
    • Operating system: Windows XP and Windows 7;
    • Type of printing heads: Seiko;
    • Rewinder: Automatic with servo motor in 2 position torque module: clockwise and counter clockwise;
    • Software RIP: Caldera 10.2 with grayscale and binary resources; INÉDIT and FLEX;
    • Head cleaning system: Flash, Clean, and Purge;
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply: Not included. 2000W is recommended;
    • Compatible File formats: PSD - PDF - TIFF - EPS;
    • Printing technology: “Piezo” electric and variable drop sizes;
    • Ideal working conditions: Temperature: 20 to 25 ºC (68 to 77 ºF) / Humidity: 45% to 70%;
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) in meters: 3.48 x 0.8 x 1.75m;
    • Printing mode: Unidirectional, Bidirectional;
    • Voltage: 220V single phase/two phase;
    • Ink type: Water based sublimation ink;
    • Heads: 4 printing heads Seiko;
    • Weight: 700Kg (net) and 800Kg (gross);
    • Communication interface: USB 2.0;
    • Printing resolution: 720x1440dpi;
    • Printing width: 1800mm;
    • Control panel: HMI 4” colored touchscreen;